How to create & install a Facebook Pixel

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Setting up a Facebook Pixel might sound techy, but don’t worry, it’s simpler than you think! Here’s a step-by-step guide to adding it to your WordPress website.

  1. Creating a Facebook Pixel:
    • Go to Facebook Events Manager (under Meta business Manager) > Pixels > Create a Pixel.
    • Name your Pixel, add your website URL, and click Create.
  2. Adding Pixel to WordPress:
    • In Facebook Events Manager, click “Set up Pixel.”
    • Choose “Manually add pixel code to website.”
    • Copy the Pixel code.
    • In WordPress, paste the code in the header of your website or use a plugin like “Insert Headers and Footers.” 
  3. Verification:
    • Visit your website to trigger the Pixel, then check the status in Facebook Events Manager.

Adding a Facebook Pixel to your WordPress site helps in understanding and reaching your real estate audience better.

It might seem technical, but with these simple steps, you’ve just set up a powerful tool for your advertising arsenal!