48 Digital Real Estate
Lead Generation Strategies.

Here’s a list of our best lead generation strategies for you to use in 2024, focusing on digital and social media.

With the advancement of technology and the shift towards online platforms, there are numerous innovative methods to attract and convert leads in 2024.

  1. Learn to use targeted ads on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to reach prospects based on demographics, interests, and behaviour.
  2. Create valuable content such as blog posts, e-books, and infographics that answer common questions of home buyers and sellers. 
  3. Send personalised, informative emails to your list with market updates, listings, and real estate advice.
  4. Optimise your website for search engines to improve visibility for local real estate searches.
  5. Offer 360-degree virtual tours of your listings to attract more online viewers and keep them engaged.
  6. Create a YouTube channel to share property walkthroughs, real estate tips, and market analysis.
  7. Use Google Ads to target clients searching for real estate information in your area.
  8. Share behind the scenes looks, quick tips, and property teasers to engage with a younger audience.
  9. Connect with professionals and participate in real estate groups on Facebook and Linkedin to generate B2B leads and referrals.
  10. Host live sessions to answer real estate questions, offering value and engaging directly with prospects.
  11. Create online chat groups for home decor, landscaping ideas, and dream homes to attract potential buyers.
  12. Use WhatsApp to communicate with leads, share listings, and provide updates directly to their phone (ensure to get consent).
  13. Utilise TikTok to share short, engaging videos showcasing properties, real estate humour, and buying/selling tips.
  14. Host informative webinars to educate prospective clients and capture leads.
  15. Encourage satisfied clients to leave positive reviews on platforms like Google, realestate.com.au and domain.
  16. Use AI chatbots on your website to answer questions and capture lead information 24/7.
  17. Offer incentives for past clients and professionals to refer new leads.
  18. Contact all current contacts in your CRM
  19. Create specific landing pages with contact information for different audiences or campaigns to improve conversion rates.
  20. Send text messages with property updates, open house invitations, and market news.
  21. Optimise your online content for voice. search to capture leads using voice assistants like Siri and Alexa.
  22. Start a real estate podcast to share insights, interview experts, and attract a dedicated audience.
  23. Partner with local influencers to showcase your properties or services to their followers.
  24. Invest in digital advertising in high-traffic areas to increase brand visibility.
  25. Target mobile users in specific geographic areas with ads for your services.
  26. Optimise your Google My Business listing for local search visibility and lead prospects to a contact form on your website.
  27. Use retargeting ads to stay in front of visitors who have visited your website.
  28. Offer VR property viewings for long-distance buyers or premium listings.
  29. Engage prospects with contests and giveaways on social media, partner with local businesses to increase reach.
  30. Partner with related businesses (like moving companies) to promote each other’s services.
  31. Use a CRM system to track and nurture leads every month, set reminders to contact certain people.
  32. Host events or seminars with local businesses to reach new audiences.
  33. Use drone footage to showcase properties and their surroundings in an engaging way.
  34. Produce content focused on very specific areas or communities to attract local leads.
  35. Use AR to allow potential buyers to visualise homes with different furnishings or decor.
  36. Create hyperlocal suburb guides as lead magnets for direct mail campaigns
  37. Participate in or sponsor local events and generate leads through a giveaway or free bbq promoted on all social media.
  38. Attend real estate conferences and events to network with peers and potential clients.
  39. Write guest posts on popular real estate or local community blogs to reach new clients.
  40. Partner with companies that offer relocation services to assist your clients moving to your area.
  41. Focus on specific niches like luxury homes, eco-friendly properties, or first-time homebuyers.
  42. Streamline the signing process with electronic signatures to keep deals moving smoothly.
  43. Invest in lead generation software that helps find and manage potential clients, ex. Ai chatbots for your website.
  44. List your properties on ALL the portals.
  45. Share success stories and case studies to demonstrate your expertise and results.
  46. Offer detailed market analysis reports on your website in exchange for contact information.
  47. Utilise virtual assistants to help qualify leads and manage initial inquiries/ set up campaigns to keep leads nurtured.
  48. Join and actively participate in online real estate forums and social media groups to generate leads and referrals.